Let's work together! I offer private sessions, group conferencing and speaking engagements. Whether you need support addressing a specific classroom issue or you'd like to engage your whole team in a P.D., I'd love to collaborate with you to make a one-of-a-kind experience. 

I am always trying to help teachers reach their personal potential by helping them uncover fear in their decisions and replace that with loving action.



Private Sessions

Something up? Let's chat about it. I love coaching teachers through specific situations. In fact, it's a passion of mind. My aim is for you to walk away from these sessions feeling powerful and like you have tools to use right away. I am available for in-person sessions in L.A. or virtual sessions via Skype.


Speaking Engagements, P.D.s and Conferences

Like something you see on the blog? Think a topic we addressed would be the perfect addition to your PD or conference schedule? Reach out! 

P.S. I love to travel!


Creative Projects

Let's work together. I'm a creative person: I love to act and write, and I have experience in creative directing. I am into political activism and interested in working on any projects that promote the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, (ALL) Women, People of Color and Native Peoples. I am most interested in projects that explore and shed light (and joy) on the shared human condition, environmental/animal protection and conservation, equity and equality and of course all things education.